Saturday, December 12, 2009

EPA Signs 2 Rules to Further Protect the Ozone Atmospheric Layer

EPA's News Release by Date: December 11, 2009 ~ Contact Deb Berlin, 202-564-4914, 202-564-4355
The U.S. EPA announced that it has signed on to 2 final rules that will cut pollutants that eat away at the ozone layer.
Deniers blogs have hit the roof, and are ranting that there is no such thing as anthropogenic global warming, Capping that it is all a lie cooked up by Gore and Obama to rule the world. Deniers are claiming this is all a made up fanatical religion. I find the denier a zealot who does not care to consider the facts and hard evidence.

No matter who you are, when you look at the widening lack of ozone on our earth's pole, you must realize that we are losing the valuable 'sunscreen' if you will for the solar waves that come our way.

Really, once we no longer have cooling upper cyclonic winds, we will be a pile of tinder ready for the bar-b-Que; us being dinner...We have to take care of our habitat and that can be done using wise methods.

Progress living as a good steward of the habitat we are given. Any living thing that is not given the right balance of care will get weak, maybe ill and possibly die. The higher radiation experienced by humans, plants, soil and waters due to the depleted ozone layer, will compound problems. For humans, it is already known that it causes skin cancer, cataracts and weakened immune systems..

Thank you to the EPA for considering human health and doing the right thing even if it is not the most popular. All citizens who are affected by the environment can be involved by watching the news for public notices, attending public meetings when a controversial business wants to earn a permit. Public notices let people know what facilities are being permitted and the amounts of their pollutants.

Follow-up by inspecting those agencies who are charged with protecting our earth's resources. It is also, getting involved in reporting polluters and making sure they are taken to task for destruction of vital habitat.

These rules will force those who manufacture, and use refrigerants (all of U.S.) to consider a different process and stop what works against our ultimate quality of life.

This doesn't stop progress, it opens the doors for thinkers who can stop be plodding along behind Mr. Edison & Mr. Ford's way or the highway [Sp].

Forty years ago, certain large business enterprises ranted they could not remain in the automobile industry if they had to phase out engines that required leaded gasoline. Petrol manufacturers of the 1970's could not fathom producing gasoline without lead. Swore it would put both of them out of mm well - Not true.

"These rules advance U.S. compliance under the Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer."

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