Tuesday, December 8, 2009

EPA Releases Guidance to Help Federal Facilities Better Manage Stormwater

This comes from EPA news Release by Date - December 08, 2009
Contact person: Enesta Jones, jones.enesta@epa.gov 202-564-7873, 202-564-4355

Today's announcement is a momentous victory for those who have done the Work in Rainwater Harvesting!

By including in the issued 'guidance', to minimize the environmental impact of Federally based projects on bodies of water that are near the sites.

This guidance also includes the wise decision to consider using and reusing stormwater runoff.

The suggestion that stood out the most to me is the recommendation to comply by using practices that are successfully greening desert places world and community wide. *

"...'green infrastructure' or 'low impact' practices including vegetation, and
green roofs, a 3,000 sq ft green roof, using rain gardens and cisterns to
capture and reuse stormwater"

At this time, in many States and communities, it is illegal to reuse and capture stormwater.

The data is in: having citizens and even parts of communities take a load off of the municipal works is a sound and wise idea. So, let us work together as citizens to assure that these guidelines are followed by our States and Cities...

Thank You...

*Brad Lancaster: Rainwater Harvesting; the Drylands & Beyond.

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