Friday, December 11, 2009

EPA reaches agreement with Dow Agrosciences on Clean-Air Violations

"News Release by Date: EPA December 11, 2009 - Contact William Omohundro 312-353-8254 or

A $70,000.00 fine to Dow AgroScience must be a big deterrent! The Harbor Beach plant generate Methanol and uses xylene in the production of pesticides in their Harbor Beach Plant. They came to this agreement which includes the $70G fine. The announcement doesn't go into detail as to what the exact violations are.

Dow chemical is a household name. This company has brought a huge benefit to human existence in many ways over the years. What disturbs me is that in the history of Dow Chemical and its subsidiaries. Their environmental issues have been large, and they have mostly skipped on having to remediate the properties, air and waterways they have polluted with toxic substances.

Because of the way the tax code is set up, there is a benefit for any business owner, that they may abandon property, leaving no responsibility for what is left behind. When there is an environmental area that has become toxic, it is called a "Brownfield". Dow has left behind several Brownfield areas, and it is up to the U.S. Taxpayer to foot the bill under "Super-fund" clean-up monies. Millions of dollars of the Stimulus monies has gone to clean up Superfund and brownfield areas left behind by major polluters.!OpenDocument

Keep in mind we are still looking at MI...this is Clean Water violations gone on over years...

Here is Dow pulling the strings of Senators in D.C....getting a public EPA administrator fired or put on administrative leave...

No need pestering the owners/polluters, let the taxpayer pick up the bill:

8 Court cases that one legal firm has fought for DOW:,+Brownfield,+Superfund,+EPA,+administrative&cd=10&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

And last but not least: The "free-flowing cash of 1.2 billion in the 4th Quarter of 2008...

Specifically Dow AgroSciences reported full-year sales and EBIT(2) records. Sales grew 20% to $4.5 billion, reflecting an 8 percent increase in volume and a 12% increase in price, and delivering EBIT of $761 million. This is from their Dow 2008 4th Quarter Earnings Statement. there any way to get true environmental justice when dealing with a conglomerate this size and stature...?

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