Friday, December 18, 2009

EPA Delays 2009 Stand on Coal Ash Containment Regulations

News Release by Date - Contact EPA Press Office, 202-564-6794
December 17, 2009

The EPA has a pending decision on regulating coal ash waste from power plants. The decision was expected later this month [by years end], but EPA is still 'actively clarifying and refining parts of the proposal'.

This is bringing us to the anniversary that launched awareness of the by-product of coal-fire plants; coal ash. Giving credit for credit due, here is footage of the clean-up efforts...

This one year marker brings a nightmare remembered and lived by the residents of Roane County, TN. (Those who do the work of watching and protecting the earth also are living with this horror.) See NASA shot;

December 23, 2008, just a few days before Christmas,  coal-ash holding ponds at Kingston TVA, Tennessee failed. The resulting disaster  caused a spill that is still ringing up a tab of damage.

The disaster has not only been to the residents near the facility, but the environmental harm is still being tallied . **

Last month, mandatory assessments were sent to facilities in the U.S. that have Coal-Ash holding ponds, asking for them to assess their holding facilities to bring everyone up to par for safety's sake. These notifications sent by EPA, also included emergency response agencies near these plants. Most of these reports/surveys have been returned to the EPA and results are public and available for viewing on the EPA website.

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