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EPA Announces Actions to Address "Chemicals of Concern"- Follow Up...

'News Release By Date: EPA Announces Actions to Address "Chemicals of Concern", including Phthalates: Agency continues efforts to work for comprehensive reform of Toxic Substance laws.'
Contact: Dale Kemery, 202-564-7839, 202-564-4355, Enesta Jones, 202-564-7873, 202-564-4355
existing chemicals: ~ *Fact Sheet

On December 30, 2009, under the excellent leadership of Lisa Jackson; administrator of the EPA; toxic substance laws will now have a bit more teeth.

On December 2, 2009 Admin. Jackson presented herself before Chairman Lautenberg, Chairman Boxer, Ranking member Inhofe and the other members of the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public works.

That sounds is not. In order for Ms. Jackson to free the EPA regulators, to the job EPA was created to do. The EPA's regulatory authority comes from legislation to protect people, their health. By putting Human Health as a priority, Lisa Jackson's EPA cause discomfort to those who have been operating 'dirty' for decades. The worst pollutors have billions of dollars at their disposal, and they will do whatever it takes to keep it rolling in.

They can and do get people fired and/or removed from office.
It takes guts to come before politicians; although represented to serve The People, they add a twist of economic worry, and call it detrimental to prosperity and "progress". Elected officials must work for who keeps them employed.

Lisa Jackson came before this powerful group of people, some representing some of the wealthiest interests in the world. It was obvious by her presentation that she knew what she was talking about. Ms. Jackson did not come to that hearing unprepared. She is a fair person, and like the Executive who appointed her, she is willing to work together to find solutions to what is harming human health in manufactured Chemicals.

In our State we have chemical manufacturers that are often the only employers. There are towns that will dry up and blow away if the Chemical manufacturers were shut down. One company has provided free scholarships to any child that graduates from High School. They have provided high paying jobs, contributed to the school systems and pumped money into the economy.

Having been in the Regulatory arena, I know the miles of testing and paperwork that must be done by facilities to comply with State and Federal laws. Industry pays millions a year to test, retest, comply and retrofit. Every few months, the EPA comes out with an additional rule on pollutants, and it is way bogged down in red, blue, black and now Green tape. A common sense look is starting to straighten that mess out.

This announcement notes industries who are complying and are concerned for profit and the environment. As big business, they know it is often prudent to walk away from the table with a few peices of pie. Doesn't have to be the whole thing.

Contained within the December 2nd presentation, a list of exsisting chemicals the EPA is trying to get tested and results to find out the affect on human health.

Early legislation (TSCA 1976),
successfully grandfathered protection for 60,000 chemicals; keeping them from
any scruitny. "...Since that time, EPA has only successfully restricted or
banned 5 (FIVE) chemicals, and has only required testing on another 200...An
additional 20,000 chemicals have entered the marketplace for

a total of 80,000 chemicals within the
TSCA inventory."

Included below are just a few links to information on this one "chemical of concern", Pt that has caused genetic harm to humans. It has taken this long and this many lives to come to a point of realization.

Remember, the Government agencies in the U.S. are for service of The People. Regulators must have input from citizens in rule making, and enforcement. We all have a chance to get behind the Environmental Protection Agency and hold your governmetal agencies accountable. If the only input they get is from industry, that's whose voices will prevail.

Thank you to the EPA and Administrator Lisa Jackson for bringing wisdom to the EPA, and fight to save our habitat.

*Fact Sheet Overview of Chemical Action Plans - 12/30/09 [2 pages]:

**Info on Phthalates in toys, from American Chemistry;

***MSMBC;Associated Press; updated 4:43 p.m. CT, Mon.,Feb 4, 2008
phthalates in baby shampoo, lotions and powders.

****"The Case Against Phthalates in Children's Toy's": Posted by Mark Schapiro: Huffington Post;March 24, 2008 12:34 PM

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