Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Enforcement & On-line mapping tools to view enforcement actions over $5B in 2009

EPA News Release by Date: December 23, 2009. Contact Deb Berlin 202-564-4914, 202-564-4355

Today's release from the EPA Enforcement division are bringing tools to the public, that we may monitor the enforcement actions, fines, SIP's (State Implementation Plan), clean-ups, and completed reports, or the lack of such can be searchable.

G.I.S. Technology is finally becoming mainstream enough, that it has become remarkably easy to use and gather data from G.I.S (Geographic Information Services) mapping. Many of you have been using GIS and weren't aware, Google Earth, Google Maps, Map Quest, GPS...

Because of the advances in G.I.S. more and more public databases are being created. Public databases are generally the venue of Government agencies, because part of the determination of use of data mapping a G.I.S. page, narrows it down to agencies who have particularly accurate information.

Now, in many States Environmental Protection agencies have GIS databases that are available to the public, that they know what facilities are in their neighborhoods, the pollutants they emit, any Consent orders, what permit violations they may have had. Information on agency action or in-action are also available.

Today's announcement from the EPA lets the world see who the biggest and dirtiest polluters are and what your State is doing about it. This is also a good way to track ARRA (Stimulus Money) Grants that have been awarded and funded. Another step on transparency in government that is trickling down through this Government For and By the People.

Thank You for what you are doing. Please get involved, find out what pollutants are being dumped and pumped into your community, state and world. Without the support of the general public, the EPA and other regulating agencies are limited on the actions they can take. When the public takes an interest, emails, make calls and watch public notices, attend public meetings, follow who is appointed to commissions and if there are conflict of interest, public corruption, or like Connecticut; doing an amazing job protecting the Air and Water.

Get involved, be informed. That is something one will never regret. Especially when you make a difference for your community, family and world.

Thank you ~ Happy Holidays!!

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