Wednesday, December 2, 2009

EERE News: New York Seeks Proposals for Offshore Wind Power in the Great Lakes

EERE News: New York Seeks Proposals for Offshore Wind Power in the Great Lakes

Advocating alternative energy sources is healthy for all parties.

We are being driven to greater energy demands daily. I love that bumper sticker; "want less". Amen brother.

Wind turbine power is a great concept. I think it is a source given to use, that is clean in and of itself. If we are all building wooden structures with canvas blades on our 20 acres, it remains harmless. When we put up thousands with the ultimate goal of millions, we can forget to weigh the entire picture. Now, that we have this newer wisdom, let us consider before it is too late, that we are not destroying another set of species. We can take time, use what has been learned in world weather patterns and find places and settings that will not do more harm than good in the long run.

Let us consider every energy source from it's inception, growth, production and finally closure. What waste is produced? How much energy (all energy) is expended to produce energy? How many species are harmed or destroyed? Are there pollinators that are in danger? What about the effects on human health?

If we consider energy as a part of all life source, then hopefully, we will not have over-used our quota.

Energy expended toward the earth and her good health is not energy wasted. Every little bit people do for good, makes a difference.

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