Monday, November 16, 2009

EPA Releases report on WV Coal Impoundments

The EPA has released a draft report concerning TWO coal ash impoundments at AEP's (American Energy & Power) Philip Sporn facility in West Virginia.

The EPA has conducted multiple studies and assessments from the Kingston, TVA coal ash impoundment disaster spill in December of 2008. The EPA feels that it is using caution and transparency by informing Ohio, and West Virginia officials, First Responders and AEP of their findings. As well as releasing the draft of findings, it has asked AEP to review the facility and all systems and procedures to prevent another such disaster as Kingston, TN TVA spill.

According to this announcement, the EPA does not believe their is an imminent threat to the neighboring communities. EPA is requesting that AEP take some surveys of systems and return those reports within 90 days. AEP has agreed to perform the requested studies.

It is using wisdom to prevent disaster, and hopefully this will make everyone aware of the compiling problems of using Coal for energy. There are more negatives. Considering any form of energy from Coal to Wind, needs to consider the entire process from start-up to waste products. One of the cleanest ways to produce energy is via nuclear; again we have a continuing storage of spent plutonium fuel rods that are 'live' for at least 10,000 year.

If we will continue to look at risks associated with industries and continue to communicate and consider human and ecological life, we may pull ourselves out of this mess...

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