Friday, November 13, 2009

The Dam/Pond Man Speaks Out!

From time to time I check for updates on Sir Wick's battle...There is a new post: "Strange but True"~

... after noting all of the destruction (so far)*, the hazards of dipping or drinking from Mr. Smith's pond...accessing public funds and assistance...destroying a native habitat and U.S. waterway. The illegal construction of this dam/pond has taken away Kelly Creek, the peaceful enjoyment, wildlife, the swimming and fishing from those who lived downstream; the dam/pond man speaks. Let us all listen...
"...During of which I acquired the assistance of B & F Engineering
to provide the technical assistance and design of my pond such as culverts and my pond's bank overflow to prevent any possibilities of catastrophe."
... / This profile page advises of their knowledge of local, State and Federal laws...

* - documents are linked.

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