Sunday, November 1, 2009

Coal Ash Impoundments (Holding Ponds)

All of you who were aghast at the horrible spill that happened December 23, 2008 at the Tennessee Valley Authority, Coal Fire Plant. Where 2.6 million cubic yards of fly-ash, buried 400 acres in sludge. A retaining wall broke. The damage from this spill has not been measured in all the environmental damage.

Now, turn it around; a dozen or so solar panels get hit by lightening, and earthquake and fire what happens? What is the fallout? Those who keep trying to push filthy coal have thier eye on one thing; the bottom line.
We are too technologically advanced to fall for this filthy source of energy that adds to it the devestation of mountains by mountain-top mining. It doesn't matter your politics; would you have your child, pet, relative, loved one buried in Coal ash sludge for the sake of profits?

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