Sunday, October 25, 2009

'"What's a gal to do?".

The newspaper industry cannot understand why there is a decline in membership, perhaps it is because we can get unbiased news from the Internet. From Sunday's Arkansas Democrat Gazette**:
  • "The Arkansas Pollution & Ecology Commission has re-tooled it's Web site in response to a customer complaint." is the first sentence of the article.
  • Ms. Nancy Felts Dunlap of Prairie County has been in dispute with Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality for months * regarding a permit granted to "a Prairie County drilling waste storage facility." The article only mentions one complaint.
  • Ms. Dunlap wasn't against the facility going in, initially. Shortly after the prairie Co. land farm started operating, problems with the neighbors started.
  • The Arkansas Dept. of Environmental Quality had already issued that permit with little regard for what any citizen, biologist, or geologist had to say.
  • Ms. Nancy Felts Dunlap and Arkansas is plum out of luck. [sees problem, complains, appeals and Nobody cares.]
  • The point is, this permit was granted. It stays granted.
  • So, where does this changing the website come in? After all of that, the Dem-Gazette titles the article: "Ecology panel revamps Web site criticized as misleading"
  • What is the whole story? It looks like we may have to look northward to get any real answers...*******
**Arkansas section-B, Page 7B, Obituary page, last article: Sunday,October25,2009***

******* *******

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