Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Back in Arkansaw, a court jester had been found to make the Regents chuckle..."Everyone knows the peons do not decide what is right or what will be. Once we have made a decree, it shall not be challanged!" We know what is the Best to do by the BananaKins of Arkansaw.

Perhaps it is childish to refer to these situations as fairy tales;
considering in this case, Fiction must needs be easier on the

C-SPAN 3 - Stream Live Now - Climate Change Legislation

My favorite Margaret Mead quote; "We won't have a society if we destroy the Environment."

Nuclear Power is clean, but it causes warming in hydro fields, and there is no place for the spent fuel rods...Hello!!!

  • Coal can be 'scrubbed' but there remains the Waste By-Products in giant 'ponds' just waiting for a disaster.
  • Fracking for Natural Gas is cracking parts of the Earth that hold our Earth crust (upper mantle) together, destroying aquifers, creeks and streams. Americans just have to think a different way about doing business.
Millions of jobs in habitats, education, infrastructure can be had from simply taking the 'combustion engine' and 'mined fuels' out of our way of living/thinking.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

'"What's a gal to do?".

The newspaper industry cannot understand why there is a decline in membership, perhaps it is because we can get unbiased news from the Internet. From Sunday's Arkansas Democrat Gazette**:
  • "The Arkansas Pollution & Ecology Commission has re-tooled it's Web site in response to a customer complaint." is the first sentence of the article.
  • Ms. Nancy Felts Dunlap of Prairie County has been in dispute with Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality for months * regarding a permit granted to "a Prairie County drilling waste storage facility." The article only mentions one complaint.
  • Ms. Dunlap wasn't against the facility going in, initially. Shortly after the prairie Co. land farm started operating, problems with the neighbors started.
  • The Arkansas Dept. of Environmental Quality had already issued that permit with little regard for what any citizen, biologist, or geologist had to say.
  • Ms. Nancy Felts Dunlap and Arkansas is plum out of luck. [sees problem, complains, appeals and Nobody cares.]
  • The point is, this permit was granted. It stays granted.
  • So, where does this changing the website come in? After all of that, the Dem-Gazette titles the article: "Ecology panel revamps Web site criticized as misleading"
  • What is the whole story? It looks like we may have to look northward to get any real answers...*******
**Arkansas section-B, Page 7B, Obituary page, last article: Sunday,October25,2009***

*******http://www.arktimes.com/blogs/shale/2008/10/they_get_the_gold_mine_we_get.aspx *******

Friday, October 23, 2009

Kelly Creek is taken out! Nobody cares!


Please follow this link regarding the execution of Kelly Creek, without a trial at all...

Raiding the "Royal" Treasury...


The Wicked Water Stealer's and their minions make flagrant use of United States Waters and the Agencies that are empowered to "protect and enhance" the Natural State have done nothing.

Sir Wick has not stopped on his quest to find fairness and justice for his Land!

Wick vs.The Wicked Water Stealers:UPDATE


The latest on Sir Wick vs. The Wicked Water Stealer's!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wick and the Wicked Water Stealers...

To Quote a social activist:
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change
the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead
Once upon a time there was an enchanted place called Arkansaw. Arkansaw was a place for agricultural industry, timber, livestock. Every weekend the inhabitants could go just a few miles and find the most beautiful creeks, streams, rivers and lakes. If a person had a hankering, they could dig fossils and arrowheads all day. Arkansaw was a sportsman's paradise. Why, a man could stand on any creek bank, throw a string with a drilled penny, and a hook and catch a fish; without bait.
About 20 years ago, the woods were so dense, that an airplane could go down in the Ozarks and never be found. Oxygen was good. Arkansaw formed the APCE Commission in 1949. It was for the benefit of industry more for the protection of the Environment. At the time of inception 4 citizens were on the board, today; only "experts" in environmental matters can sit on the board. Citizens are not really welcome although they cannot bar them.
Less than a decade ago, a warrior was able to retire. He found a beautiful spot in Arkansaw. It had the most beautiful pristine perennial primitive creek running through it. Sir Wick had been injured many times in his years of battle, and had chosen this home to finish his days in peace. At the same time the Wicked Water Stealer's were busy scheming to create a fancy moat dock and recreation area. One day, he took a bulldozer and damed up the creek.
At first Sir Wick didn't understand what was happening, but soon he learned the Wicked Water Stealer had a plan to have a famous castle with tourists and boats and all kinds of "progress". WWS didn't have the required knowledge, specs or permit to dam up this water of the United States, but he knew his way around the Snake Bellied money mongers, and he did it anyway. He got help and has never gotten in trouble for stealing this water of the United States.
Sir Wick doesn't have long, and it is appearant that those who regulate are most concerned with money than doing the right thing. Oddly enough, those regulators who are always protecting pollutors and Wicked Water ruiners never have any money. All of their programs that oversee the Wicked Water, Air and Land ruinors are broke and have no ability to oversee what they are to be protecting...it must be an Evil Spell sent to make "wrong" mean "right" and "right" agrees with big energy and big money.
This is not the end of this tale; only the first installment.