Thursday, September 10, 2009

We must save our water(s)

We are going to have to take our water seriously. I love the rain. I love the clean fresh air, when my plants and trees and reservior are filled by the rain. I love when nature is athirst, it is unbearable almost; the bugs and winged things will begin their chorus, calling for that fresh drink of water. Even the leaves of the trees have turned belly up to drink in as much moisture as possible.

The layer of Earth's crust that once held oceans of fresh clean filtered water, are now toxic sludge ponds... Rain happens when the under lakes begin a process where evaporation and cloud formation occur...sludge doesn't evaporate. Shale has been "cracked, broken, fraced" from the lower part of the Earth's crust; the upper mantle. The water has been displaced by broken underground water ways. A system is killed for natural gas and oil. Foreign or Domestic, it is too much too fast. It is not wise use of our habitat and it's resources.

We only know the big things we have destroyed. It may be the smallest microbe that is required to sustain life on this planet that is what does us in. I remember stories of the time during the Industrial Revoloution where people veiwed nature and all she contains as mavelont, violent and best stayed way from. In the last 100 years we have considered ourselves 'part' of nature. I think if we were to inquire truthfully of Nature that she would warn of the impending dire circumstances soft and juicy humans