Sunday, January 11, 2009

Invest in Clean Energy & Jobs -

Wisdom is crying out...there are solutions for the sets of crisis we are in.
When people work together for a common goal, they don't have as much time to bicker and fight. There is money coming to entrepreneurs; they who would give their time and energy to renewable and green recovery.

I have seen the work and desire of many who live and breathe Permaculture, Sustainability
Here is a way for those who have ingenuity and drive to make a good living, and also provide service to mankind and Mother Earth.
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DOE Offers up to $200 Million for Integrated Biorefineries
via EERE Network News on 1/6/09Over the next six fiscal years, DOE plans to invest up to $200 million to support the development of pilot- and demonstration-scale biorefineries that employ a combination of non-food feedstocks and conversion technologies to produce advanced biofuels. Applications are due by April 30 2009.
Here is the clip from EERE:

source: a free newsletter of the U.S. Department of Energy.
The EERE Network News newsletter. via ~ Mother Earth News: Green Gazette-Dec 2008, Issue No. 23. Page 23. "$100 Billion Could Yield 2 Million Clean Energy Jobs"