Thursday, December 31, 2009

EPA Announces Actions to Address "Chemicals of Concern"- Follow Up...

'News Release By Date: EPA Announces Actions to Address "Chemicals of Concern", including Phthalates: Agency continues efforts to work for comprehensive reform of Toxic Substance laws.'
Contact: Dale Kemery, 202-564-7839, 202-564-4355, Enesta Jones, 202-564-7873, 202-564-4355
existing chemicals: ~ *Fact Sheet

On December 30, 2009, under the excellent leadership of Lisa Jackson; administrator of the EPA; toxic substance laws will now have a bit more teeth.

On December 2, 2009 Admin. Jackson presented herself before Chairman Lautenberg, Chairman Boxer, Ranking member Inhofe and the other members of the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public works.

That sounds is not. In order for Ms. Jackson to free the EPA regulators, to the job EPA was created to do. The EPA's regulatory authority comes from legislation to protect people, their health. By putting Human Health as a priority, Lisa Jackson's EPA cause discomfort to those who have been operating 'dirty' for decades. The worst pollutors have billions of dollars at their disposal, and they will do whatever it takes to keep it rolling in.

They can and do get people fired and/or removed from office.
It takes guts to come before politicians; although represented to serve The People, they add a twist of economic worry, and call it detrimental to prosperity and "progress". Elected officials must work for who keeps them employed.

Lisa Jackson came before this powerful group of people, some representing some of the wealthiest interests in the world. It was obvious by her presentation that she knew what she was talking about. Ms. Jackson did not come to that hearing unprepared. She is a fair person, and like the Executive who appointed her, she is willing to work together to find solutions to what is harming human health in manufactured Chemicals.

In our State we have chemical manufacturers that are often the only employers. There are towns that will dry up and blow away if the Chemical manufacturers were shut down. One company has provided free scholarships to any child that graduates from High School. They have provided high paying jobs, contributed to the school systems and pumped money into the economy.

Having been in the Regulatory arena, I know the miles of testing and paperwork that must be done by facilities to comply with State and Federal laws. Industry pays millions a year to test, retest, comply and retrofit. Every few months, the EPA comes out with an additional rule on pollutants, and it is way bogged down in red, blue, black and now Green tape. A common sense look is starting to straighten that mess out.

This announcement notes industries who are complying and are concerned for profit and the environment. As big business, they know it is often prudent to walk away from the table with a few peices of pie. Doesn't have to be the whole thing.

Contained within the December 2nd presentation, a list of exsisting chemicals the EPA is trying to get tested and results to find out the affect on human health.

Early legislation (TSCA 1976),
successfully grandfathered protection for 60,000 chemicals; keeping them from
any scruitny. "...Since that time, EPA has only successfully restricted or
banned 5 (FIVE) chemicals, and has only required testing on another 200...An
additional 20,000 chemicals have entered the marketplace for

a total of 80,000 chemicals within the
TSCA inventory."

Included below are just a few links to information on this one "chemical of concern", Pt that has caused genetic harm to humans. It has taken this long and this many lives to come to a point of realization.

Remember, the Government agencies in the U.S. are for service of The People. Regulators must have input from citizens in rule making, and enforcement. We all have a chance to get behind the Environmental Protection Agency and hold your governmetal agencies accountable. If the only input they get is from industry, that's whose voices will prevail.

Thank you to the EPA and Administrator Lisa Jackson for bringing wisdom to the EPA, and fight to save our habitat.

*Fact Sheet Overview of Chemical Action Plans - 12/30/09 [2 pages]:

**Info on Phthalates in toys, from American Chemistry;

***MSMBC;Associated Press; updated 4:43 p.m. CT, Mon.,Feb 4, 2008
phthalates in baby shampoo, lotions and powders.

****"The Case Against Phthalates in Children's Toy's": Posted by Mark Schapiro: Huffington Post;March 24, 2008 12:34 PM

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Enforcement & On-line mapping tools to view enforcement actions over $5B in 2009

EPA News Release by Date: December 23, 2009. Contact Deb Berlin 202-564-4914, 202-564-4355

Today's release from the EPA Enforcement division are bringing tools to the public, that we may monitor the enforcement actions, fines, SIP's (State Implementation Plan), clean-ups, and completed reports, or the lack of such can be searchable.

G.I.S. Technology is finally becoming mainstream enough, that it has become remarkably easy to use and gather data from G.I.S (Geographic Information Services) mapping. Many of you have been using GIS and weren't aware, Google Earth, Google Maps, Map Quest, GPS...

Because of the advances in G.I.S. more and more public databases are being created. Public databases are generally the venue of Government agencies, because part of the determination of use of data mapping a G.I.S. page, narrows it down to agencies who have particularly accurate information.

Now, in many States Environmental Protection agencies have GIS databases that are available to the public, that they know what facilities are in their neighborhoods, the pollutants they emit, any Consent orders, what permit violations they may have had. Information on agency action or in-action are also available.

Today's announcement from the EPA lets the world see who the biggest and dirtiest polluters are and what your State is doing about it. This is also a good way to track ARRA (Stimulus Money) Grants that have been awarded and funded. Another step on transparency in government that is trickling down through this Government For and By the People.

Thank You for what you are doing. Please get involved, find out what pollutants are being dumped and pumped into your community, state and world. Without the support of the general public, the EPA and other regulating agencies are limited on the actions they can take. When the public takes an interest, emails, make calls and watch public notices, attend public meetings, follow who is appointed to commissions and if there are conflict of interest, public corruption, or like Connecticut; doing an amazing job protecting the Air and Water.

Get involved, be informed. That is something one will never regret. Especially when you make a difference for your community, family and world.

Thank you ~ Happy Holidays!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Forest's Take Center Stage at Copenhagen!

"esa Space for Our Climate", European Space Agency; Observing the Earth." December 19, 2009, News; Forest's Take Center Stage at Copenhagen."

This is a wonderfully scientifically biased report on a portion of the Copenhagen summit.

Kudos to the European Space Agency for their public service. ESA has been instrumental in expanding my own environmental education. The above link is to their article and web-site. The ESA website has tools and information for those who care about the complete biosphere around them. ESA shares helpful maps and always great photographs.

This article points that there is an agreement during the Copenhagen conference that deforestation is a factor that is doubtless a major contributor to greenhouse gas imbalances. Using wisdom this speaks of planning for profiting by keeping the rainforest's growing and not just something remembered.

Friday, December 18, 2009

EPA Delays 2009 Stand on Coal Ash Containment Regulations

News Release by Date - Contact EPA Press Office, 202-564-6794
December 17, 2009

The EPA has a pending decision on regulating coal ash waste from power plants. The decision was expected later this month [by years end], but EPA is still 'actively clarifying and refining parts of the proposal'.

This is bringing us to the anniversary that launched awareness of the by-product of coal-fire plants; coal ash. Giving credit for credit due, here is footage of the clean-up efforts...

This one year marker brings a nightmare remembered and lived by the residents of Roane County, TN. (Those who do the work of watching and protecting the earth also are living with this horror.) See NASA shot;

December 23, 2008, just a few days before Christmas,  coal-ash holding ponds at Kingston TVA, Tennessee failed. The resulting disaster  caused a spill that is still ringing up a tab of damage.

The disaster has not only been to the residents near the facility, but the environmental harm is still being tallied . **

Last month, mandatory assessments were sent to facilities in the U.S. that have Coal-Ash holding ponds, asking for them to assess their holding facilities to bring everyone up to par for safety's sake. These notifications sent by EPA, also included emergency response agencies near these plants. Most of these reports/surveys have been returned to the EPA and results are public and available for viewing on the EPA website.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Recycle?, Make films on YouTube? Care about the Environment? Contest?

News Release by Date - EPA Contact: Skip Anderson, 202-564-9551, 202-564-4355.

"Our Planet, Our Stuff, Our Choice" Contest

The EPA announcement today is asking for those who would like to enter a contest to produce a 30 - 60 second spot on the 3-R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Further information on this Filmmakers competition to create the best short films, highlighting the Three R's of individual consumption.

There is a lot of talent on YouTube, and now here is another way for people to do "one thing" for their environment.

The EPA is accepting submissions for the "Our Planet, Our Stuff, Our Choice" contest through February 16Th, 2010.

The format will be YouTube, a 30 - 60 second video.
1st Prize - $2500.00
2ND Prize - $ 1500.00
3RD Prize - $ 1,000.00
& 2 Student Winners ~ 13 - 18 years old - $500.00 each.

Winners will be announced in April of 2010!

Be artistic, get involved, and we all win on this...Thank you to the EPA for such a creative idea.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

EPA Signs 2 Rules to Further Protect the Ozone Atmospheric Layer

EPA's News Release by Date: December 11, 2009 ~ Contact Deb Berlin, 202-564-4914, 202-564-4355
The U.S. EPA announced that it has signed on to 2 final rules that will cut pollutants that eat away at the ozone layer.
Deniers blogs have hit the roof, and are ranting that there is no such thing as anthropogenic global warming, Capping that it is all a lie cooked up by Gore and Obama to rule the world. Deniers are claiming this is all a made up fanatical religion. I find the denier a zealot who does not care to consider the facts and hard evidence.

No matter who you are, when you look at the widening lack of ozone on our earth's pole, you must realize that we are losing the valuable 'sunscreen' if you will for the solar waves that come our way.

Really, once we no longer have cooling upper cyclonic winds, we will be a pile of tinder ready for the bar-b-Que; us being dinner...We have to take care of our habitat and that can be done using wise methods.

Progress living as a good steward of the habitat we are given. Any living thing that is not given the right balance of care will get weak, maybe ill and possibly die. The higher radiation experienced by humans, plants, soil and waters due to the depleted ozone layer, will compound problems. For humans, it is already known that it causes skin cancer, cataracts and weakened immune systems..

Thank you to the EPA for considering human health and doing the right thing even if it is not the most popular. All citizens who are affected by the environment can be involved by watching the news for public notices, attending public meetings when a controversial business wants to earn a permit. Public notices let people know what facilities are being permitted and the amounts of their pollutants.

Follow-up by inspecting those agencies who are charged with protecting our earth's resources. It is also, getting involved in reporting polluters and making sure they are taken to task for destruction of vital habitat.

These rules will force those who manufacture, and use refrigerants (all of U.S.) to consider a different process and stop what works against our ultimate quality of life.

This doesn't stop progress, it opens the doors for thinkers who can stop be plodding along behind Mr. Edison & Mr. Ford's way or the highway [Sp].

Forty years ago, certain large business enterprises ranted they could not remain in the automobile industry if they had to phase out engines that required leaded gasoline. Petrol manufacturers of the 1970's could not fathom producing gasoline without lead. Swore it would put both of them out of mm well - Not true.

"These rules advance U.S. compliance under the Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer."

Friday, December 11, 2009

EPA reaches agreement with Dow Agrosciences on Clean-Air Violations

"News Release by Date: EPA December 11, 2009 - Contact William Omohundro 312-353-8254 or

A $70,000.00 fine to Dow AgroScience must be a big deterrent! The Harbor Beach plant generate Methanol and uses xylene in the production of pesticides in their Harbor Beach Plant. They came to this agreement which includes the $70G fine. The announcement doesn't go into detail as to what the exact violations are.

Dow chemical is a household name. This company has brought a huge benefit to human existence in many ways over the years. What disturbs me is that in the history of Dow Chemical and its subsidiaries. Their environmental issues have been large, and they have mostly skipped on having to remediate the properties, air and waterways they have polluted with toxic substances.

Because of the way the tax code is set up, there is a benefit for any business owner, that they may abandon property, leaving no responsibility for what is left behind. When there is an environmental area that has become toxic, it is called a "Brownfield". Dow has left behind several Brownfield areas, and it is up to the U.S. Taxpayer to foot the bill under "Super-fund" clean-up monies. Millions of dollars of the Stimulus monies has gone to clean up Superfund and brownfield areas left behind by major polluters.!OpenDocument

Keep in mind we are still looking at MI...this is Clean Water violations gone on over years...

Here is Dow pulling the strings of Senators in D.C....getting a public EPA administrator fired or put on administrative leave...

No need pestering the owners/polluters, let the taxpayer pick up the bill:

8 Court cases that one legal firm has fought for DOW:,+Brownfield,+Superfund,+EPA,+administrative&cd=10&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

And last but not least: The "free-flowing cash of 1.2 billion in the 4th Quarter of 2008...

Specifically Dow AgroSciences reported full-year sales and EBIT(2) records. Sales grew 20% to $4.5 billion, reflecting an 8 percent increase in volume and a 12% increase in price, and delivering EBIT of $761 million. This is from their Dow 2008 4th Quarter Earnings Statement. there any way to get true environmental justice when dealing with a conglomerate this size and stature...?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

'WaterSense' Spec's released today by the EPA!
Contact: Enesta Jones, 202-564-7873, 202-564-4355

The first link is the Announcement By Date from the EPA. The second link is the specification and information page regarding specifications (spec's in the building/regulatory world) for a WaterSense home.

The EPA worked with Stakeholders (builders, construction, business, etc) to design the 'WaterSense' home spec's.

Here is a link to the 213 pages, listing the participating stakeholders This is what happens when wisdom concerning the environment and business [progress] come together!

Homes that earn the "WaterSense" label will be using 10,000 gallons less. This will reflect financial savings that pay for the up front cost of purchase and installation. WaterSense is also engineered to work well with other energy efficient plans such as, LEED and ENERGY STAR.

The Specification and Information from the second link is a page filled with resources, work sheets, calculators, quizzes, activities and more links to information.

Keep in mind the $1,500.00 Tax Credits available until 12/31/10 for non-business structures. In 2009, Congress and the President extended the Energy Tax Credit to those who are willing to implement these energy and money saving features to their homes.,,id=214979,00.html

For many States to implement the WaterSense as well as other Energy reduction programs by the citizens means a loss in 'franchise' and other municipal taxes that benefit the states, cities and other municipalities.

Hopefully, this type of thinking will trickle down to more States in the form of credits and rebates for saving energy. It is important to reduce energy consumption, and by doing the right thing, it's citizen-taxpayers will have more money to spend on retail goods and services.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

EPA Issues Administrative Order to Oklahoma Oil Field Producer!
Contact: Dave Bary at 214-665-2200 or

In October this year, an EPA inspection of TEC (Thomas Exploration Company), of Tulsa discovered an unauthorized discharge of oil field brine into a tributary of the Deep Fork River.

Today TEC has been issued a cease and desist order for violating the federal Clean Water Act. They are now required to remove the contaminated areas of the Deep Fork River tributary. They have 30 days to do the clean up, and they must file a report showing they have complied with all aspects of the administrative order.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

EPA Releases Guidance to Help Federal Facilities Better Manage Stormwater

This comes from EPA news Release by Date - December 08, 2009
Contact person: Enesta Jones, 202-564-7873, 202-564-4355

Today's announcement is a momentous victory for those who have done the Work in Rainwater Harvesting!

By including in the issued 'guidance', to minimize the environmental impact of Federally based projects on bodies of water that are near the sites.

This guidance also includes the wise decision to consider using and reusing stormwater runoff.

The suggestion that stood out the most to me is the recommendation to comply by using practices that are successfully greening desert places world and community wide. *

"...'green infrastructure' or 'low impact' practices including vegetation, and
green roofs, a 3,000 sq ft green roof, using rain gardens and cisterns to
capture and reuse stormwater"

At this time, in many States and communities, it is illegal to reuse and capture stormwater.

The data is in: having citizens and even parts of communities take a load off of the municipal works is a sound and wise idea. So, let us work together as citizens to assure that these guidelines are followed by our States and Cities...

Thank You...

*Brad Lancaster: Rainwater Harvesting; the Drylands & Beyond.

Monday, December 7, 2009

EPA: Greenhouse Gases Threaten Public Health and the Environment / Science overwhelmingly shows greenhouse gas concentrations at unprecedented levels

Finally! The Elephant in the Room has been pointed out...! Woowie.

EPA Top Administrator Lisa Jackson has made the statement that Greenhouse gases must be addressed as a direct threat to human health.

As usual Administrator Jackson has compiled information from sources worldwide, once more she comes to the public after having done her homework.

Kudos to the EPA leadership in considering this one habitat we have...!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Greenhouse Effect in a Bottle

Greenhouse Effect in a Bottle *

This is an enjoyable yet informative bit of information [video] regarding greenhouse warming, and C02.
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*from daily feed from Permaculture Institute; Australia

Who is Watching American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Participants?

An anonymous comment asking who is going to be watching States, City's, Burgs, Parish when it comes to ARRA Funds?

Dear Fellow Citizen, we all can watch... I am posting my response just in case anyone else would like this information... is the Arkansas State site dedicated to showing transparency in use of ARRA funds / grants. is the Federal site. There are Contact us numbers and emails all through these pages. If your town, municipality or any other ARRA / Fed Grant recipient has received monies and you would like an accounting, you will be given that information.

If you do file or contact them to ask a question, give it about 10 days for a response, if it has been 21 days, recontact advising them of the first contact. When you do make contact, just keep it simple, try to go in order with as much documentation as you can [dates, times, amounts, agency, contacts you attempted, any responses by mail, or can kind of build a case if there is a real problem.]

Don't be afraid to get involved, it is your Government, that is paid to serve you...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

News Releases By Date

News Releases By Date!
Lisa Jackson, Administrator of the U.S. EPA Legislative Hearing on the Toxic Substances Control Act. (TSCA) to the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works. (12/02/09).

Administrator Jackson appeared before The Senate Committee on the Environment & Public works. Administrator Jackson is coming to the Senate, part of the arm of government that makes or changes law. She comes with her homework done!

All in all Lisa Jackson is asking the Law Makers to untie the hands of the EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency is charged with protecting human health in the U.S. and globe. If they are unable to gain regulatory teeth, unable to get co-operation from those chemical producers, then something is very wrong.

I can hear the Brethren scream with no thought; "I suppose you want to see the end of the economy." "You don't want progress." "You're going to send us back a hundred years." It has all been said before, and it is still not true.

Ms. Jackson sites the terrible time and trouble expended in trying to get rid of asbestos. Everyone knows that stuff is bad. Everyone. But as Lisa Jackson states, because of TSCA (that Act that was supposed to protect people from chemicals used in commerce...) there were so many hurdles experienced, and in 1989, a federal court over turned EPA's ruling against its use and hazards. There are so many road-blocks in obtaining information and testing on some 80,000 chemicals there is no telling what humans world wide are being exposed to.

Hopefully, your Senators will hear the voice of the people who put them into office. Lisa Jackson is doing the job she was appointed to do. She is not sitting behind a desk, pushing paper. She has been all over our Country looking at situations and problems first hand. She is working for the citizens of the U.S. and world.

Director Jackson makes six points of impacts, and six specific things she is asking of this Senatorial Committee. (Snippets of each point)
1. Chemicals need to be reviewed against known safety standards and health risk criteria...
2. The responsibility for being transparent regarding health and safety information to the public lies on industry...
3. The EPA should have a clear authority to take risk management actions when human health is at risk, especially the young and weak among us...
4. The EPA should have clear authority to set priorities for conducting inspections. The chemical companies should operate within a timely framework...
5. To keep an open book to the public, while working to develop green technologies and business practices...
6. The agencies that regulate the chemical producers should be funded and be given authority when it comes to human health, and chemical producers should remain transparent...

Overall, TSCA needs to be brought into the 21st Century...

I just paraphrased the six points presented, please read the entire announcement for exact quotes and phrases.

It is refreshing to see those who are paid to serve the public do just that! Kudos Lisa Jackson ~ The Mother thanks you.

[My two-cents: Going back to the inception of the TSCA in 1976, it was enacted at a time when those who were fighting major industrial polluters to remove lead from the air, and other particulate matter. It was a time of change when awareness of affects on human health when using polluted waters and take food from polluted water. It was in these late 1970's that we were learning that if you put a toxic substance on the ground, or in liquid into the ground, it can contaminate anything grown, and wells and aquifers.

It is obvious that Chemical producers, and all the commerce that includes, could see the writing on the wall. Instead of waiting to be next on the awareness movements agenda, they would go ahead and help pass the TSCA smoothly, exempting those who would have the most cleaning and answering to do. Tying the hands of regulators...The dirtiest polluters are usually the ones making the largest profits. I will give credit where credit is due; they have made some amazingly high paying positions and providing some jobs in the communities they inhabit.]

EERE News: New York Seeks Proposals for Offshore Wind Power in the Great Lakes

EERE News: New York Seeks Proposals for Offshore Wind Power in the Great Lakes

Advocating alternative energy sources is healthy for all parties.

We are being driven to greater energy demands daily. I love that bumper sticker; "want less". Amen brother.

Wind turbine power is a great concept. I think it is a source given to use, that is clean in and of itself. If we are all building wooden structures with canvas blades on our 20 acres, it remains harmless. When we put up thousands with the ultimate goal of millions, we can forget to weigh the entire picture. Now, that we have this newer wisdom, let us consider before it is too late, that we are not destroying another set of species. We can take time, use what has been learned in world weather patterns and find places and settings that will not do more harm than good in the long run.

Let us consider every energy source from it's inception, growth, production and finally closure. What waste is produced? How much energy (all energy) is expended to produce energy? How many species are harmed or destroyed? Are there pollinators that are in danger? What about the effects on human health?

If we consider energy as a part of all life source, then hopefully, we will not have over-used our quota.

Energy expended toward the earth and her good health is not energy wasted. Every little bit people do for good, makes a difference.

EPA Awards Over $700,000.00 to Arkansas Dept of Health!

Today (12-02-2009) the EPA announces that they have awarded $735,920.00 to the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH).

For Arkansas residents who are on a community water system, these funds are to "ensure" that they are recieving clean and healthy drinking water. These monies will be used to make sure that these community run water drinking systems will comply with the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations. These are federal regulations that supercede State regulations or non-regulation.

Arkansas is in the Region 6 of the EPA. For contact information, the contact given is Dave Bary at 214-665-2200 or

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Earlier reports from AEP - Sporn facility

From announcement: Coal Ash Survey Results:

Specifically - Philip Sporn facility

Close to a year after the December 2008 breach at the TVA Plant in Roane County, TN., the EPA is using wisdom in prevention of another such disaster.
[ A containment pond, holding waste from the Coal-fired plant was compromised and the environmental devastation and impact on human life is beyond words. ]

After reading the survey I am quite concerned. This is no reflection on the power companies, this is on those who are supposed to be regulating facilities who pollute.

  • Question I ~ kind of gets everyone out of regulatory issues by declaring the ponds not a hazard. (by the Div. of Water & Waste Mngmt)
  • These were designed by a West Virginian P.E. in 1996. Since 1997, liners that are regulated on landfill cells have been upgraded, it isn't the same, but that is a long time ago in engineering.
  • There are no real inspections, and it is interesting how they term problems as erosion and slippage. No spills. There shows to have been some type of upgrade in 2002...we have learned a lot about toxins and hazards since then.
  • Last regulatory inspection was 3/09, and there is no report available.
  • April 06, 2005 is the last inspection available.
  • The "Bottom Ash Pond" {max hgt 42'} is able to contain 265 acres, and the "Fly Ash Pond" can hold 1,965 acres that is holding at a maximum height of 65 feet.
  • The report states that all Fly Ash is taken to a dry landfill. From what several states have ruled, that is not the best disposal method for Fly Ash.

As the old saying goes; " ounce of prevention is worth tons [sp] of cure.."

Monday, November 16, 2009

How to Achieve a Global Climate Change Agreement

How to Achieve a Global Climate Change Agreement

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EPA Releases report on WV Coal Impoundments

The EPA has released a draft report concerning TWO coal ash impoundments at AEP's (American Energy & Power) Philip Sporn facility in West Virginia.

The EPA has conducted multiple studies and assessments from the Kingston, TVA coal ash impoundment disaster spill in December of 2008. The EPA feels that it is using caution and transparency by informing Ohio, and West Virginia officials, First Responders and AEP of their findings. As well as releasing the draft of findings, it has asked AEP to review the facility and all systems and procedures to prevent another such disaster as Kingston, TN TVA spill.

According to this announcement, the EPA does not believe their is an imminent threat to the neighboring communities. EPA is requesting that AEP take some surveys of systems and return those reports within 90 days. AEP has agreed to perform the requested studies.

It is using wisdom to prevent disaster, and hopefully this will make everyone aware of the compiling problems of using Coal for energy. There are more negatives. Considering any form of energy from Coal to Wind, needs to consider the entire process from start-up to waste products. One of the cleanest ways to produce energy is via nuclear; again we have a continuing storage of spent plutonium fuel rods that are 'live' for at least 10,000 year.

If we will continue to look at risks associated with industries and continue to communicate and consider human and ecological life, we may pull ourselves out of this mess...

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Dam/Pond Man Speaks Out!

From time to time I check for updates on Sir Wick's battle...There is a new post: "Strange but True"~

... after noting all of the destruction (so far)*, the hazards of dipping or drinking from Mr. Smith's pond...accessing public funds and assistance...destroying a native habitat and U.S. waterway. The illegal construction of this dam/pond has taken away Kelly Creek, the peaceful enjoyment, wildlife, the swimming and fishing from those who lived downstream; the dam/pond man speaks. Let us all listen...
"...During of which I acquired the assistance of B & F Engineering
to provide the technical assistance and design of my pond such as culverts and my pond's bank overflow to prevent any possibilities of catastrophe."
... / This profile page advises of their knowledge of local, State and Federal laws...

* - documents are linked.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

NASA.Gov Announces Hazard:Flooding Along the Illinois River!

Because the waters of our State are vital to commerce. sport, food, transportation, hauling ~ and habitat, this public announcement may be of interest to you. The Illinois River is a major tributary of the Mississippi River.

Anyone, even a person who is not a scientist knows that if there is a bowl shape water will flow into the depression. Significant Basins are vital to the Hydro-sphere [the hydro-sphere is the water systems and circulations.] of an area.

Only, recently has it been acknowledged that pollution, dust, toxins, warming can happen in one area, but affect the entire globe and it's bio-sphere. (The goods that keep us alive and healthy).

Less than 30 years ago, no one considered spraying DDT on vegetables to kill bugs could hurt people. Even less the fact of run-off from their application of poisons like DDT, would affect an entire water supply and health of every living thing. All that is being said, to consider we have made bad assumptions in the recent past, or didn't take into the equation what our 'progress' will cost at the end.

The State of Arkansas is dependent upon the health of the Mississippi River Basin. There are active programs now setting "watches" on the health of the Mississippi River Basin. Hypoxia is a concern; "Hypoxia: is a pathological condition which the body as a whole, or a region of the body is deprived of oxygen- that part dies eventually" - HELLO!,+Illinois+River,+Arkansas&cd=10&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us Is a National Weather Service link to the River Watch. It lists the cities and States affected and concerned about this waterway. Arkansas City, Arkansas. Helena. West Memphis. Memphis, TN

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

EERE News: Hydropower Upgrades to Yield Added Generation at Average Costs Less Than 4 cents per kWh – Without New Dams

This is good news for the waters and people of the State of Arkansas. The American Recovery and Revitalization Act earmarked certain infrastructure improvements without spending billions on new dams.
In the entire U.S., Four cities with MegaWatt stations of 50 MW of smaller were awarded these project funds. North Little Rock will benefit greatly from this injection.

The North Little Rock Electric Department has been awarded up to $450,000.00 to have an automated intake device installed, by the Department of Energy.

This device will help decrease the air pollution in a 'non-attainment' air basin, because it stops the previous need to burn debris dredged out of the intake. This will keep the operation of the dam at peak efficiency.

This boost came from Recovery monies for infrastructure. This upgrade on the Arkansas River and the dam is creating or saving jobs and helping the environment...Way to go.

I subscribe to EERE newsfeed; this is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter. November 4, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Region 6 EPA Awards ADEQ over $600,000.00!

It is a miracle! The children shouted, the women cried...Arkansas Dept of Environmental Quality was awarded a little over 1/2 million.

This is to fund investigations, emergency response, clean-ups, risk management, alternative water supplies [hey, that's a first for Arkansas! Five years ago, we had all the water we needed for every use.], relocation for residents who must be moved due to the leak of regulated storage tanks....where the party is unknown or unwilling to do the legal thing and clean up their mess. ( ? ).

Make sure and keep an eye on the State of Arkansas ARRA public watch for how stimulus money is being spent by agencies that have received ARRA Stimulus money. Can anyone shout, "administrative costs??!"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where are all of the letters?
Just ignore this link. It is nothing.

Just Us? Nice touch. least 70 letters Mr. Wochos sent. Letters of complaint to the Water Division. Complaints regarding Darrell Smith's illegal dam, and the destruction of Kelly Creek...

Not one of his letters or complaints appear...?


Coal Ash Impoundments (Holding Ponds)

All of you who were aghast at the horrible spill that happened December 23, 2008 at the Tennessee Valley Authority, Coal Fire Plant. Where 2.6 million cubic yards of fly-ash, buried 400 acres in sludge. A retaining wall broke. The damage from this spill has not been measured in all the environmental damage.

Now, turn it around; a dozen or so solar panels get hit by lightening, and earthquake and fire what happens? What is the fallout? Those who keep trying to push filthy coal have thier eye on one thing; the bottom line.
We are too technologically advanced to fall for this filthy source of energy that adds to it the devestation of mountains by mountain-top mining. It doesn't matter your politics; would you have your child, pet, relative, loved one buried in Coal ash sludge for the sake of profits?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Back in Arkansaw, a court jester had been found to make the Regents chuckle..."Everyone knows the peons do not decide what is right or what will be. Once we have made a decree, it shall not be challanged!" We know what is the Best to do by the BananaKins of Arkansaw.

Perhaps it is childish to refer to these situations as fairy tales;
considering in this case, Fiction must needs be easier on the

C-SPAN 3 - Stream Live Now - Climate Change Legislation

My favorite Margaret Mead quote; "We won't have a society if we destroy the Environment."

Nuclear Power is clean, but it causes warming in hydro fields, and there is no place for the spent fuel rods...Hello!!!

  • Coal can be 'scrubbed' but there remains the Waste By-Products in giant 'ponds' just waiting for a disaster.
  • Fracking for Natural Gas is cracking parts of the Earth that hold our Earth crust (upper mantle) together, destroying aquifers, creeks and streams. Americans just have to think a different way about doing business.
Millions of jobs in habitats, education, infrastructure can be had from simply taking the 'combustion engine' and 'mined fuels' out of our way of living/thinking.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

'"What's a gal to do?".

The newspaper industry cannot understand why there is a decline in membership, perhaps it is because we can get unbiased news from the Internet. From Sunday's Arkansas Democrat Gazette**:
  • "The Arkansas Pollution & Ecology Commission has re-tooled it's Web site in response to a customer complaint." is the first sentence of the article.
  • Ms. Nancy Felts Dunlap of Prairie County has been in dispute with Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality for months * regarding a permit granted to "a Prairie County drilling waste storage facility." The article only mentions one complaint.
  • Ms. Dunlap wasn't against the facility going in, initially. Shortly after the prairie Co. land farm started operating, problems with the neighbors started.
  • The Arkansas Dept. of Environmental Quality had already issued that permit with little regard for what any citizen, biologist, or geologist had to say.
  • Ms. Nancy Felts Dunlap and Arkansas is plum out of luck. [sees problem, complains, appeals and Nobody cares.]
  • The point is, this permit was granted. It stays granted.
  • So, where does this changing the website come in? After all of that, the Dem-Gazette titles the article: "Ecology panel revamps Web site criticized as misleading"
  • What is the whole story? It looks like we may have to look northward to get any real answers...*******
**Arkansas section-B, Page 7B, Obituary page, last article: Sunday,October25,2009***

******* *******

Friday, October 23, 2009

Kelly Creek is taken out! Nobody cares!

Please follow this link regarding the execution of Kelly Creek, without a trial at all...

Raiding the "Royal" Treasury...

The Wicked Water Stealer's and their minions make flagrant use of United States Waters and the Agencies that are empowered to "protect and enhance" the Natural State have done nothing.

Sir Wick has not stopped on his quest to find fairness and justice for his Land!

Wick vs.The Wicked Water Stealers:UPDATE

The latest on Sir Wick vs. The Wicked Water Stealer's!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wick and the Wicked Water Stealers...

To Quote a social activist:
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change
the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead
Once upon a time there was an enchanted place called Arkansaw. Arkansaw was a place for agricultural industry, timber, livestock. Every weekend the inhabitants could go just a few miles and find the most beautiful creeks, streams, rivers and lakes. If a person had a hankering, they could dig fossils and arrowheads all day. Arkansaw was a sportsman's paradise. Why, a man could stand on any creek bank, throw a string with a drilled penny, and a hook and catch a fish; without bait.
About 20 years ago, the woods were so dense, that an airplane could go down in the Ozarks and never be found. Oxygen was good. Arkansaw formed the APCE Commission in 1949. It was for the benefit of industry more for the protection of the Environment. At the time of inception 4 citizens were on the board, today; only "experts" in environmental matters can sit on the board. Citizens are not really welcome although they cannot bar them.
Less than a decade ago, a warrior was able to retire. He found a beautiful spot in Arkansaw. It had the most beautiful pristine perennial primitive creek running through it. Sir Wick had been injured many times in his years of battle, and had chosen this home to finish his days in peace. At the same time the Wicked Water Stealer's were busy scheming to create a fancy moat dock and recreation area. One day, he took a bulldozer and damed up the creek.
At first Sir Wick didn't understand what was happening, but soon he learned the Wicked Water Stealer had a plan to have a famous castle with tourists and boats and all kinds of "progress". WWS didn't have the required knowledge, specs or permit to dam up this water of the United States, but he knew his way around the Snake Bellied money mongers, and he did it anyway. He got help and has never gotten in trouble for stealing this water of the United States.
Sir Wick doesn't have long, and it is appearant that those who regulate are most concerned with money than doing the right thing. Oddly enough, those regulators who are always protecting pollutors and Wicked Water ruiners never have any money. All of their programs that oversee the Wicked Water, Air and Land ruinors are broke and have no ability to oversee what they are to be must be an Evil Spell sent to make "wrong" mean "right" and "right" agrees with big energy and big money.
This is not the end of this tale; only the first installment.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We must save our water(s)

We are going to have to take our water seriously. I love the rain. I love the clean fresh air, when my plants and trees and reservior are filled by the rain. I love when nature is athirst, it is unbearable almost; the bugs and winged things will begin their chorus, calling for that fresh drink of water. Even the leaves of the trees have turned belly up to drink in as much moisture as possible.

The layer of Earth's crust that once held oceans of fresh clean filtered water, are now toxic sludge ponds... Rain happens when the under lakes begin a process where evaporation and cloud formation occur...sludge doesn't evaporate. Shale has been "cracked, broken, fraced" from the lower part of the Earth's crust; the upper mantle. The water has been displaced by broken underground water ways. A system is killed for natural gas and oil. Foreign or Domestic, it is too much too fast. It is not wise use of our habitat and it's resources.

We only know the big things we have destroyed. It may be the smallest microbe that is required to sustain life on this planet that is what does us in. I remember stories of the time during the Industrial Revoloution where people veiwed nature and all she contains as mavelont, violent and best stayed way from. In the last 100 years we have considered ourselves 'part' of nature. I think if we were to inquire truthfully of Nature that she would warn of the impending dire circumstances soft and juicy humans

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Invest in Clean Energy & Jobs -

Wisdom is crying out...there are solutions for the sets of crisis we are in.
When people work together for a common goal, they don't have as much time to bicker and fight. There is money coming to entrepreneurs; they who would give their time and energy to renewable and green recovery.

I have seen the work and desire of many who live and breathe Permaculture, Sustainability
Here is a way for those who have ingenuity and drive to make a good living, and also provide service to mankind and Mother Earth.
Sent to you by Lori via Google Reader:

DOE Offers up to $200 Million for Integrated Biorefineries
via EERE Network News on 1/6/09Over the next six fiscal years, DOE plans to invest up to $200 million to support the development of pilot- and demonstration-scale biorefineries that employ a combination of non-food feedstocks and conversion technologies to produce advanced biofuels. Applications are due by April 30 2009.
Here is the clip from EERE:

source: a free newsletter of the U.S. Department of Energy.
The EERE Network News newsletter. via ~ Mother Earth News: Green Gazette-Dec 2008, Issue No. 23. Page 23. "$100 Billion Could Yield 2 Million Clean Energy Jobs"