Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Brings Spring Growth ~

Today, beneath the cold ground the Earth is growing ready to bring forth of her body new life for the care of all her children.

Each year, as sickness and ills bombard her life systems, she grows more feverish. She needs to have all of the Medicine Women and all of the Medicine Men come together in ceremony.

It has come to the time that the First People spoke would come. In the time when the Great Father seemed to turn his back on his People, it was not understood why He also turned his back on the Mother of us all.

When will the two-leggeds learn their lesson? When the Earth is moaning, crying out in fever, tossing and turning. She must, must remove what is harming her life systems.

Are two-leggeds essentially evil? Will the four-leggeds left to their own imagine such evil? Will they eat all of the food that is grown, and not consider the next Winter Moon? Will they melt all of the ice in order to race from place to place - making time to lose?

If she does not die, Mother Earth will have to heal. It must be soon. It must be drastic. Healing will come quickly, because Love & Care, Thanks are good Music to Earth, to Sky and to Water. The two-leggeds have their own survival at stake. The four-leggeds and winged ones are slowly disappearing for greed, for gold that never brings true success.

Compassion for all living; water, air & earth, Must be considered. We must come and Sing for our Mother. We must counsel to save what can be saved.

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