Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snoqualmie Raging Falls Farm: My First Blog Post - for Mother Earth

This Sunday morning in time of reflection. I am counting my Blessings.

Great-Grandmother's Wisdom will be given voice. Grandmother Buffalo, the warnings given by The People have arrived. 

Earth cries out! For they who hear the moans, who are appalled at the bruises and battering done to Mother Earth, your time to make a difference is coming.

Any living thing can die. Our Planet is a Living thing. She is struggling to stay alive. If She Dies ~ We Die.

~ Today I pray that all mankind is blessed with clarity.

I hope that in some moment today they will see the intricacies of all living things. Perhaps while standing on the ground, he will feel that connection. That she will understand. 

 We share the same Air, We share Water, We all share Earth.

It is possible to invite industry and progress to the same dance. There can be prosperity. A prosperity of carefulness. A richness of thanks giving for the marvelous Eco-system Earth.

L o V e U !
~ Medicine Women. The Elk Women- all of the women who nurture will give birth to children who will care for the place they live. They will continue to return to the old ways that are simpler.

We have been tricked by Time Keeper for tricking him. When the four-legged kept inventing devices to save time. He became wily and cunning. Time knows his Importance and the Boundaries of the sets of time. Cutting time in one place, reserves hours against your Account.

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